42U Becomes GSA Schedule Provider of Upsite Technologies’ KoldLok Grommets and HotLok Blanking Panels

Broomfield, CO – April 18, 2008: 42U, the nation’s largest, vendor-independent valued-added reseller of data center infrastructure solutions today announced it is a provider of Upsite Technologies’ products on their GSA Schedule.

Alan Mamane, Founder and President of 42U commented: “We are very pleased to provide Upsite Technologies’ KoldLok and HotLok solutions on our GSA schedule. These products are a perfect fit for the government market and provide the solutions necessary for handling the above- and below-the-floor air recirculation challenges of today’s data center.”

The comprehensive features of Upsite’s products are designed to optimize cooling capacity, lower energy bills, and enhance equipment reliability.

Upsite’s KoldLok raised floor grommets are specifically designed to address bypass airflow by sealing cable opening. Using the KoldLok grommets, data center managers can achieve several benefits including:

  • Increased cooling unit capacity of existing equipment

  • Reduced needs to purchase additional cooling units

  • Improved equipment reliability and extended equipment life

  • Increased static pressure under the raised floor and improved cool air delivery through perforated tiles or floor grates

“When you consider that 50 – 80{b1da7b99541ebbb1b468568a89fdf39a564a072ba2ffe4c8e72d8f87e3657453} of valuable conditioned air is not reaching the air intake of IT equipment, it’s clear that there is a significant opportunity for data centers to optimize the cooling capacity of their existing customer room,” notes Patrick Cameron. “Providing these products on schedule is a great way to help government agencies meet the goals of their greening initiative.”

Upsite’s HotLok blanking panels are patent-pending, snap-in/pull-out, stackable blanking plates for IT equipment cabinets. Using the HotLok panels, data center manages can achieve several benefits including:

  • Elimination of exhaust air recirculation within the cabinet, allowing for the optimization of cooling, the lowering of energy consumption, and reduction of operating expenses

  • Reduction and stabilization of equipment air intake temperatures

  • Reduction of the number and severity of hotspots within equipment cabinets

  • Increased availability, performance, and reliability of IT equipment within the cabinets

  • The possibility of deferring capital expenses used to add cooling capacity

42U’s GSA contract number is GS-35F-0180U and can be found under Schedule Information Numbers (SINs) 132-8 (Purchase of Equipment). For more information please visit www.42u.com.


About Upsite

Upsite Technologies, Inc. develops energy-efficient, high-availability solutions specifically designed to optimize your data center’s critical physical infrastructure and ensure site uptime, reliability, and flexibility. As the innovator of engineered sealing solutions, Upsite continues to research and develop products and services to complement and enhance the already extensive lines of patented KoldLok® products and KoldWorksSM services. Their inventions optimize thermal load capacity, target hotspot remediation, reduce intermittent equipment failures, improve equipment reliability, minimize bypass airflow, and diminish capital costs associated with installing additional cooling equipment. Upsite’s well-engineered solutions are employed by data centers worldwide to help reduce their carbon footprint and minimize energy and operating costs. Upsite’s products and services currently optimize more than 6 million ft2 (550,000 m2) of data center space.


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