Meatless Monday July 2015

This July was filled to the brim with home-made, delicious
Meatless Monday meals created by our very talented DirectNET team.

DirectNET Meatless Monday July Crepe Chef

The first Monday creation included sweet and savory crepes created by our Vegan Travel sagacious Shannon. She says she omitted the nutmeg and vanilla from this recipe, but recommends “to include those if you’re going for a sweet crepe.”



DirectNET Meatless Monday July Crepe SavoryDirectNET Meatless Monday July Crepe Sweet

The second Monday, Shannon stepped up again and treated us to one of her weekly menu staples: Acai Bowls. “These are smoothie bowls that you can top with anything you like, and we will have a special “topping bar” so you can customize your own bowl.” The masterpieces of taste sparked a full day of great thoughts and productivity.

DirectNET Meatless Monday July Smoothie BowlsDirectNET Meatless Monday July Smoothie Bowl Spoon

DirectNET Meatless Monday July Veggie ChefWe would usually have yoga on Mondays but during this third week of July it was moved to Wednesday which worked out very well. The featured meals prepared by our own in-house chefs, Chris and Andre, filled everyone’s bellies to the max with their Ratatouille, Bean Soup, Butternut Squash, and Salad. With Chris’ chef background and Andre’s creativity, the afternoon quickly became enjoyable and memorable smorgasbord of flavors.


DirectNET Meatless Monday July Veggie PlateDirectNET Meatless Monday July Veggie Spread

DirectNET Meatless Monday July Couscous

The month concluded with our CEO and accomplice whipping together their very addictive, traditional family recipe of Moroccan couscous. Plus, Shannon made a surprise dessert of Chocolate Pudding Pie with Peanut butter frosting and Chocolate Chip Cookies with a Caramel drizzle –all Vegan friendly and amazingly delicious. Who knew Vegan food could be so sweet!

DirectNET Meatless Monday July Couscous ChefDirectNET Meatless Monday July Dessert

DirectNET Rose and Lavender Flowers
All photos taken by: Sara Smith

As always, it is an absolute pleasure to be surrounded with such talented connoisseurs. The team is brewing up more ideas for next month.

If you wish to contribute some innovative ideas to our ever-growing veggie friendly company menu or perhaps interested in the recipe details, you are more than welcome to contact us at: