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2015 was filled with many achievements including

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Here are some 2015 industry wrap-up’s from:

2015 Green House Data Top Headlines

Review GreenHouseData.com’s 5 most popular blog posts and 4 biggest headlines of 2015 including topics involving Tier rankings, server sales, and reasons why forecasts report green data center market growth.

Bloggers worth following

DataScienceCentral.com listed 16 leading industry writers, 4 DSC Category Resources, along with additional reading. @DataScienceCtrl is worth the follow!

Cool Stories from Upsite

We are avid subscribers to Upsite.com and enjoy helping share their brilliant content, including this one about the “Top 10 Data Center Cooling Stories of 2015.”

Along with some 2016 predictions from:

Forbes 2016 Predictions

Forbes.com listed 7 enriching points of 2016 predictions to good to pass up the good read.


As their pull quote says, “Disconnects between technology and policy has put the federal government at a disadvantage.” A must read for 2016.