Broomfield, CO – June 12, 2008: Join 42U on June 23rd, as we host a complimentary web seminar, ENERGY STAR Data Center Infrastructure Rating Development.

Energy use in data centers is increasing rapidly.  In 2006, energy consumption to operate IT equipment and data center facilities represented 61 billion kWh or approximately $6 billion in annual expenditures.  This accounts for 1.5{b1da7b99541ebbb1b468568a89fdf39a564a072ba2ffe4c8e72d8f87e3657453} of total U.S. electricity consumption and is projected to increase to 100 billion kWh by 2011.

To assist data center operators in capturing the financial and environmental benefits of improved energy efficiency in their facilities, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is developing an ENERGY STAR rating for data center infrastructure.

This is where YOU come in!

Brian Carroll, Project Manager at ICF International, and Jacque “J” Swartz, Director of Marketing at 42U, in support of the EPA speaks about the Data Center Infrastructure Rating development effort and how you can participate.

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EPA is working collaboratively with industry to collect data on energy use and operating characteristics from a large number of existing data centers, including both stand-alone facilities as well as data centers located in office and other types of buildings. EPA needs the help of industry stakeholders to make this effort a success, and everyone has a role to play in this effort.

Data Needed to Build Rating:

  • Climate zone (zip code)

  • Type of data center (function)

  • Reliability (Tier Level)

  • Total IT plug energy (12 months of data)

  • Total facility energy usage (12 months of data for all fuels)

This webinar will provide background on the Data Center Infrastructure Rating initiative, its goals, how you can participate, and an update on progress to date.

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