As spring approaches, Colorado nature trails get a grooming by local volunteers. Here at DirectNET, we are proud to have more than a few people who spend time outside clearing paths and enhancing the safety for others.


Chris is an avid outdoorsman with a passion for conservation. In June, he’ll be trail building with a non-profit group, Flyathon, who is partnering with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC), to “ rehabilitate several miles of trail accessing Rio Grande cutthroat trout waters in the Indian Creek / East Middle Creek / Middle Creek drainage.  Volunteers will help close user created social trails, install signs, build rock drainage structures, widen and rebuild trail tread, clear blowdown trees and other obstacles and build cairns to demarcate the intended route as it travels through open meadows.”


This is Sara’s first year helping maintain a few miles of the Colorado Trail with a family that has watched over it for a couple generations. A long camping weekend in May will help boost the quality of the trail for summer visitors.

“The CTF’s Adopt-A-Trail (AAT) Program and volunteers accomplish annual maintenance on The Colorado Trail (CT). Each summer, Adopters and their volunteer helpers…

  • Clear fallen trees to make way for trail users early in the trail season and soon after snow melts on your section.
  • Assess signage: intersection signs and trail markers both northbound and southbound.
  • Clean water diversions sometime during trail season to prevent erosion.
  • Report to CTF and AAT Coordinator as needed & requested.

By performing this maintenance and reporting back to the office, Adopters and their helpers enable the CTF to continue preserving The Colorado Trail.”

The Office

It has become a natural routine to explore the open space behind our office. At different points in the day, our biophilic employees get some sunshine, walk the paths, and return fly-away trash to its respectable receptacle — Helping this world be a better place, one trail at a time.

Sneak peek in our next article: The weather is near perfect for some picnic-ing…