DirectNet/42U recently assisted with a donation drive to Sister Carmen Community Food Bank. We’ve found them to be among the best charitable organizations in our local area. They help those in need within our community by giving food, assisting with advocacy, and offering community and family educational services.

The recent drive that we were a part of raised over 3,000 pounds of food for our community.

Sister Carmen Community Food Bank 2021

As you can see, though, it was more than food that was donated. Other necessities that families would require year-round were provided as well.


Why Now?

Many tend to focus their charitable efforts during the “giving season” in the winter. While these efforts are always appreciated, the need for charity is always ongoing. Long after we’ve put the holiday season behind us, food banks and soup kitchens tend to run a bit leaner. 

That’s why we at DirectNet/42U try to donate more regularly in our community. Ensuring that there are supplies for families in need through the four seasons of the year. 

2020 was rough on everyone, and it’s on every one of us to work hard and ensure 2021 is better for those around us. 

Be well, and be brave enough to be kind.