Press Release – Complimentary Efficiency Insight to Charitable Organizations, courtesy of 42U Data Center Specialists.

Broomfield, CO—April 21, 2009 — 42U, a leader in data center consulting, data center design, data center efficiency solutions and services, is doing its part to reduce carbon footprints and energy costs for non-profit agencies nationwide. For non-profits looking to reduce energy usage in their data centers and computer rooms, 42U will award one pro-bono energy audit each month, valued at $10,000.

“We’re proud to offer this pro-bono service to organizations who are so passionate and committed to making a difference.” said Alan Mamane, CEO and Founder of 42U. “Helping charitable organizations improve their efficiency aids society on many levels. As charities improve their efficiency, they reduce their carbon footprint along with their CapEx and OpEx costs. Less costs translates into their ability to do more for the common good. Together, we can promote a message of social responsibility and environmental stewardship.”

The energy audit, based on 42U’s Best Practice Assessment, identifies ways to curb power consumption, cut costs, and become more energy efficient. 42U experts conduct a thorough inspection of the computer room, taking critical measurements and documenting opportunities to reduce energy consumption as well as remediate potential points of failure that impact availability and equipment reliability.

42U will award one pro-bono energy audit each month, valued at $10,000, for non-profit agencies.

“While every data center manager is interested in cost control, it is an even more important factor for non-profit organizations,” said Jacque “J” Swartz, Director of Services at 42U. “Our assessments identify no-cost and low-cost changes that have an immediate impact on energy costs.”

42U delivers a range of assessments designed to offer value to the full range of data center sizes. They are of two fundamental types: point-in-time and real-time. Managers of smaller, less volatile data centers benefit from the economical pricing and quick turn-around of the 42U Best Practice Assessment. Managers of larger data centers benefit from the real-time monitoring and instantaneous feedback on changes made on the data center floor that the 42U Real-Time Efficiency Benchmark assessment delivers.

Those who represent the Information Technology function as non-profit organizations are encouraged to contact 42U’s Professional Services group.